Structural Engineering

Structural 3D Design

  • The conception and 3D design of metal structures.
  • We analyze your needs and design them in 3D to proceed to the calculation stage.

Structural calculation

  • We perform calculations with the necessary constraints to ensure maximum safety!

Execution Design

  • We create detailed plans for fabrication and installation.

General installation piping

Basic design

  • We combine an in-depth needs analysis and a multidisciplinary approach to guarantee optimal and sustainable design solutions.

Detailed design

  • A department is dedicated to precision and attention to detail, transforming basic concepts into detailed, working plans. We integrate deep technical expertise with meticulous coordination to ensure every aspect of the project is designed for performance and compliance.

Execution Design

  • Creation of precise plans, conforming to the specific requirements of manufacturers and assembly constraints, ensuring efficient and accurate implementation.

Manufacturing monitoring & Quality Control

Welding coordination

  • We assist you with the preparation of QMOS and QS.
  • We assist you with test preparation and draft preliminary DMOS.
  • We conduct pre-tests with welders, interface with the organization, and follow the process until obtaining the validation.
  • Interpretation of the standards for Qualifications for welding procedures and Qualifications for welders or Operators according to NF EN ISO, ASME, RCC-M.
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